Restaurant Cabana Voina (Voina Cabin Restaurant)

The restaurant has a seating capacity of 140 persons, and the outdoor covered terrace can accommodate up to 80 persons.

The restaurant of Cabana Voina*** offers mainly traditional food specific to the region of Muscel. We invite you to relish to following dishes: “bulzul Voina” (polenta with Romanian sheep cheese fried on the grill), veal pastrami, mutton pastrami, homemade pickles, trout with polenta, delicious and hearty soups (tripe soup, beef soup, chicken soup) and children’s favourite dessert “papanaşi cu dulceaţă” (fried dumplings with cream and jam). The jam is homemade from fruit picked from the mountains right above the cabin and the cream comes directly from the neighbouring sheepfolds.

Around winter holidays, we invite you at “Pomana porcului” (pan fried sliced pork fillet with garlic) or to just sit around a campfire on the bank of the river and relish our ram on a spit.

For organized groups, we make available a brick barbecue and we serve meals either on the bank of the river by the campfire or at the gazebo.
We organize events (anniversary parties, team buildings, etc.); package prices are calculated with or without accommodation. Please contact us for additional information or price quote.

We offer an impeccable service at affordable prices.